Your Best Bag

Posted: Mar 03 2016


Feeling comfortable and confident can make your day instantly better. Therefore, you need a handbag that works with your lifestyle.  How many times have you bought a bag you love in the store, only to get home and realize it is either too big to be comfortable, too small to hold your necessities, or a color that goes with absolutely nothing in your closet.

 Taking the time to answer a few quick questions about your everyday habits could save you valuable time and money (and headaches)!

  • Do you prefer a large or small bag?
  • Do you prefer an over the shoulder style or a tote?
  • Does a pop of color or a neutral shade work best with your wardrobe?
  • What items do you carry in your handbag at all times?
  • Do you use your bag as a briefcase and carry tech accessories, documents, etc. in your bag?


Once you’ve answered these questions, you are ready to start narrowing your choices.  For example, if you prefer a large shoulder bag that can hold all your tech accessories, then a large hobo or long handled tote in the color of your choice would probably work best for you.

If you travel lightly, are not afraid of color, and simply need your phone, wallet, keys and lipstick with you, a small top handle or pochette style in a bright color or pattern may be just what you need.

Finally, if you need to be prepared at all times for any disaster (hello moms everywhere), you will probably want the largest bag you can carry.  An oversized tote, bucket bag or backpack could be a lifesaver when you need that extra pack of wipes or box of cheese crackers.

Everyone has their own style and needs.  Determining yours in advance of any handbag purchase will make your life much easier and happier!

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