5 Tips for Authenticating Designer Handbags

Posted: Jun 23 2015



Chanel, Gucci, Hermès, Prada!  A designer handbag is an investment.  You should be proud to carry it on your arm for years.  However, the demand and desire for luxury bags has inevitably led to counterfeits.  It is important to know the telltale signs of a fake.  Here are some tips to keep you savvy while shopping for the handbag of your dreams.


  • Materials:  An authentic designer bag will be made of the highest quality materials.  The craftsmanship should be apparent from the first look and touch.  The leather will look rich and feel soft.  Put the bag on your shoulder and feel the weight of it.  An authentic designer bag will feel much heavier than a flimsy counterfeit.  The stitching should be tight and perfectly aligned, no gaps or uneven stitches.  The handles are typically a place where you can spot stitching errors.  You can quickly identify many counterfeits by the feel of the leather and alignment of the stitching.

  • Hardware:  Zippers should feel smooth and heavy in your hand.  There should be no flaking or chipping.  Each designer uses hardware differently, so you should be familiar with the type of hardware associated with a particular handbag.  For example, Louis Vuitton is known for having their signature "LV" on zippers, while recent Prada styles have “Prada Milano” on the zippers.  Some designers do not brand their hardware at all.  Being familiar with the hardware will help you identify any bags that are masquerading as the real thing. 

  • Designer Logo and Branding:  Each designer has a specific way of spelling and formatting their name and logo.  It should always be the same.  The interlocking CCs on Chanel handbags are the perfect example- the right C overlaps the left C on top and the left C passes over the right C at the bottom.  Any other variation indicates a counterfeit. 

  • Lining and Interior Features:  The lining and interior of a designer handbag is often the best place to spot a fake.  Most counterfeiters do not take the time to replicate the inside of the bag correctly.  Knowing the type of lining unique to the bag or the proper placement of the logo and authentication tag will help you outsmart them.

  • Reputable Sellers:  Always buy your handbag from a reputable seller who guarantees authenticity.  If something seems off about the bag or the seller, trust your gut and move on.


Prince & Park guarantees the authenticity of all our handbags and takes pride in helping our clients find the perfect bag that they will cherish for a lifetime.