Fashion & Film: Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair

Posted: Jun 28 2017

The remake of The Thomas Crown Affair is one of my all-time favorite movies.  Although the movie itself is a fun and suspenseful heist film, it is Rene Russo’s wardrobe that makes the movie truly unforgettable.  As Catherine Banning, an insurance investigator for the rich and powerful, she is tasked with recovering a stolen painting from the Met and ends up pursuing a wily and handsome Pierce Brosnan in the process.  It is safe to say that a more feminine and stylish bounty hunter never graced the silver screen. 

We love movies that have vintage-inspired fashion, and this one is no exception.  Although it was released in 1999, Costume Designer, Kate Harrington, channels Faye Dunaway’s style from the original 1968 film and makes every wardrobe piece memorable.  Most of the pieces were handpicked from the 1997 Céline collection by Michael Kors, with a few select pieces from Halston thrown in for sexy measure.

By choosing a black knee-length dress with black leather jacket and motorcycle boots in one scene and a matching pale blue coat, pants and sweater ensemble in another, Kate proves that monochromatic looks are anything but boring.  She utilizes classic Jackie O styles in a little black dress and a scarlet red sheath, both accessorized with strings of pearls.  Cream cashmere and camel colored tweeds also fill the screen, while a see-through black Halston evening gown proves that you can never predict what Rene will wear next.  Throw in her beautiful black Hermès Birkin bag, and it is truly one of the most classic and beautiful wardrobes in film history.



Cream cashmere sweater


Monochromatic Black 


Camel Wool Coat and Turtleneck 


Blue Coat, Sweater and Pants


Sheer Halston Gown


Scarlet Sheath Dress and Pearls


Images Via The Thomas Crown Affair, 1999,  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer