Fashionable Summer Reads

Posted: Jun 23 2016

Regardless of where your summer vacation takes you, the one essential item you need is a great book.  Check out our recommendations below for some fun, fashionable page-turners to complete your escape. 

The Woman I Wanted To Be
by Diane Von Furstenberg

Her infamous wrap dress may have put her on the fashion map, but that was only the beginning for Diane Von Furstenberg.  From her childhood in Brussels, to her days as a young, jet-set princess, to becoming a fashion icon, Diane Von Furstenberg has never stopped striving to be the woman she wanted to be.  Full of life stories, wit and wisdom, this book will inspire and delight all women who have a dream to be something more than society dictates.      

The Knockoff
by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza

Imogen Tate, respected editor in chief of Glossy magazine, returns from maternity leave to find her former assistant, Eve, has not only ambushed her job, but has turned the entire magazine into a flashy, social media-driven nightmare.  Unable to recognize the company she once considered her second home, Imogen must decide whether she is up to the task of breaking into (or breaking up) Eve's new tragic kingdom. This book is a hilarious look into the generational differences of our internet-addicted society. 

The Battle of Versailles
by Robin Givhan

The year was 1973.  Staged as a fundraiser for the Versailles Palace, five notable American designers were asked to compete in a fashion show against five French established designers.  Although the French expected to win without much competition, the Americans had a few surprises up their fashionable sleeves.  Considered the event that forever changed the way fashion was expressed around the world, The Battle of Versailles provides an insightful and exciting account of this moment in history.

My Mrs. Brown 
by William Norwich


Mrs. Emilia Brown is a genteel woman of a certain age living in a small town in Rhode Island.  Although life has not always been kind to Mrs. Brown, her sincerity and strength of character are what people notice.  When by chance she discovers an Oscar de la Renta sheath dress and jacket that was previously owned by the grand dame of her town, she decides on the spot that she must have one of her own.  With determination and conviction, Mrs. Brown heads to Madison Avenue to find her dress and the adventure of a lifetime.  A beautiful story that is full of heart, you will be cheering for Mrs. Brown from cover to cover.  She is one of those unforgettable literary characters that stays with you forever.