My Top 5 Dream Handbags with Sharon from ShaneeJudee

Posted: Jun 22 2017


We were thrilled this week to sit down again with our friend Sharon Palmieri, the creator, author and host of beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog ShaneeJudee ( and YouTube channel  On both her blog and YouTube channel, Sharon shares tips with her audience via makeup and hair tutorials, beauty and fashion hauls, product reviews, cooking demonstrations, and recipe reviews.  We love watching her latest discoveries each week and can't wait to fill our cabinets and pantries with her excellent recommendations.  

Our shared love of designer handbags led to our latest collaboration.  We thought it would be fun to share our Top 5 lists of dream handbags, even if they are only ever a dream... :)  Sharon's list of dream handbags is included below and you can watch the video on her YouTube channel YouTube ShaneeJudee.  You can see my list on her blog, ShaneeJudee


My Top 5 Dream Handbags with Sharon from ShaneeJudee


We all have a dream handbag (or five).  When I was growing up, my mom always had beautiful Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags.  She still has and loves luxury handbags to this day!  I’ve been a handbag fan ever since high school.  A lot of the girls at my school had either a Liz Claiborne bag or a Louis Vuitton bag.  I got a Liz satchel in the linen logo pattern for Christmas my sophomore year and have been hooked on handbags ever since.

I gravitate toward larger handbags because I carry way too many things with me (and this is after I pared it down to what I really need)!  My usual preference is a neutral color when buying a handbag.  If I were to get one of my dream handbags especially, I’d want one that would go with everything, so I could wear it as often as possible!

The following are my dream handbags.  These are the bags I hope to someday have in my wardrobe.

Givenchy Antigona - Medium

I first saw this bag on the reality show, “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” (I love my reality TV!).  During the show’s first season, one of the cast members, I believe it was Morgan Stewart, received an Antigona bag in olive green, as a gift from her boyfriend.  I thought the bag was gorgeous!  When Morgan took her new Antigona out of the gift bag, I thought, “I totally want that bag!”  I’ve wanted one ever since.  It’s really an ideal handbag.  I just love the shape of this bag.  It’s large enough for all of the things I like to carry with me.  The Antigona has one roomy main compartment, two inside open pockets and one inside zip pocket.  It comes in so many colors.  I would love to get one in black sugar leather so that it goes with everything.  I see a lot of stylish celebrities with a black Antigona bag.

Hermes Birkin - Togo 40cm 

What handbag obsessed person doesn’t secretly (or not so secretly) want a Birkin bag?  So what if it can cost as much as a car, or sometimes even a home?  The Birkin is a classic, beautiful satchel that comes in a variety of colors and materials.  It looks great with any outfit.  I would probably get the Togo Birkin 40cm in black, etaupe (a taupe shade), or gold (a camel tan shade), so that I could wear it with everything.  I love the size and shape of this bag.  Inside, the Birkin has one main compartment, one zip pocket and one open pocket.

Louis Vuitton Trevi Damier

I love the shape of the Louis Vuitton Trevi handbag.  While I do love the LV monogram bags, my favorites are the Damier canvas, with their checked pattern.  This bag is the size I like and has such an interesting look to it.  I first saw this bag at the car wash!  There was another customer there who was wearing a fabulous outfit and the LV Trevi bag.  It was another of those I-totally-want-that-handbag moments.  The Trevi is shaped like a doctor’s bag with pleats on each side.  Sadly, LV has since discontinued the Trevi bag, but it’s available to purchase as a resale.  The inside of the Trevi consists of one main compartment and two open pockets.  The Trevi comes with a shoulder strap, but I’d wear this bag as a satchel.

Chanel Classic Double Flap Handbag - Maxi

The Chanel Classic Double Flap bag is my favorite Chanel handbag.  I usually prefer satchels but this is a great shoulder bag.  It comes in a variety of sizes, but the maxi would be the most practical for me.  It has one main compartment and three slip pockets to help keep everything organized.  I see a lot of YouTubers with different variations of this bag.  I can see why they love it so much!  I would probably get the caviar leather in black.  I like the caviar leather because it wouldn’t get scratched as easily as the lambskin.  It’s large enough, so I’d be able to fit everything in there.  And it would give even the most casual outfit a luxurious touch.

Prada Double Bag

Another I-totally-want-that-handbag moment happened when I saw the Prada Double Bag bag on someone while riding the airport monorail.  I love this bag in black saffiano or caramel fuoco.  Again, this bag is large enough and just looks luxurious.  I love that it’s slouchy yet sophisticated.  It comes with a shoulder strap, but I’d probably just wear this bag as a satchel.  The double bag has two main compartments, an inside center flap compartment and two open pockets on the inside.


We love Sharon's list of dream bags!  You can check out all her fabulous finds on her blog, ShaneeJudee and youtube channel ( To find your own dream handbag, check out our selection at Prince & Park.