What's In My Bag? With Sharon from ShaneeJudee!

Posted: Aug 22 2016

We were thrilled this week to sit down with Sharon Palmieri, the creator, author and host of  beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog www.shaneejudee.com and YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/ShaneeJudee.  On both her blog and YouTube channel, Sharon shares tips with her audience via makeup and hair tutorials, beauty and fashion hauls, product reviews, cooking demonstrations, and recipe reviews.  Her unique ability to combine beauty and functionality truly sets her apart in the fashion world and makes us so happy to have her on speed dial!  This week we asked her to share her thoughts on her ideal handbag and the contents inside that make her life easier.  


One of my favorite handbags is the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30.  It's a classic everyday bag that goes with everything.  My mom gave me this Speedy for Christmas in 2006.  I probably carry this bag more than any other I own.  I've even had it refurbished because I use it so much!

I always carry around larger handbags because I have so much with me.  I've pared it down to the essentials (well, my essentials anyway!) and still need a larger bag.  I do envy those that are able to carry a smaller bag!  How do they do it?

I also love the Speedy because when I was younger, so many of the moms in my neighborhood (including mine) carried them around.  Some of my friends would borrow their mom's "Louis" and looked so chic!  So, I love owning one of my own now.

When I wear my Speedy, I love that my wallet and keychain match.  You don't have to be matchy-matchy with your handbag, wallet, and keychain.  But, I love it in this case. I got this wallet shortly after I got my Speedy.  I had won a Visa gift card in a sales contest at work.  I had been eyeing the Louis Vuitton monogram long wallet and decided to treat myself by using the gift card towards the wallet, and paying the difference myself.  I've loved the wallet ever since and am still reaping the benefits of winning that contest.  About a year later, I bought the keychain to replace another Louis Vuitton keychain I'd had for about 18 years.  They last that long!

Of course, I have my phone.  It's the iPhone 6 in rose gold.  The 6s came out right when I was due for an upgrade, so I got the rose gold.  They keep making the iPhone better and better.  My phone case is from Kate Spade.  I love that the clear case shows off the rose gold phone and still adds elegance with a sprinkle of rose gold dots.  I also have my ear pods for when I want to listen to music or talk on the phone.

I always carry my sunnies with me.  My favorite pair right now are the Diane Von Furstenberg "Riley" sunglasses.  Mine are grey tortoiseshell with white arms.  I love the white arms for summer.  I usually go for more of a square shape in terms of sunglasses, but I'm loving these right now.  I got them right before I moved, at the last Luxe Lit Book Club meeting.  (Lux Lit is a fashion book club and Holly and I were both members).  We read and discussed DVF's book "The Woman I Wanted to Be" and actually had our meeting in the store!  So, not only do I love the sunglasses, but they hold a memory for me too.

I also carry the lipstick and/or lip gloss I'm wearing that day.  Today, I'm wearing By Terry Terrybly Velvet Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Lady Bare.  I saw it on another YouTuber and just had to get it.  It's a peachy nude color that's perfect for everyday.  And I have my Lancome Juicy Tubes lip gloss in Simmer.  It's my favorite lip gloss.  It goes with everything and helps me achieve that perfect nude lip.  I also carry my Eos lip balm.  I'm addicted to it.  My favorite flavor is Strawberry Sorbet.  

I always have mints with me.  Right now, I'm using Altoids Spearmint mints.  One of my mottos is "Never refuse a mint!"

It's important to be prepared, so I have a small Chloé cosmetics case that was a gift with purchase with their perfume.  I use it for all of the small things that would otherwise get lost in my bag - a small nail file, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, an extra pair of contact lenses and eye drops.  A few years ago, I was on a business trip where I had planned to fly there and back the same day.  My flight home was cancelled and I had to unexpectedly stay overnight.  I didn't have an extra pair of contacts with me, nor did I have my regular glasses.  I was able to find a solution, but ever since I carry an extra pair of contacts wherever I go! 

To learn more great tips and ideas on beauty, fashion, cooking, decorating and more, check out Sharon's blog, YouTube and social media - www.shaneejudee.com and http://www.youtube.com/ShaneeJudee.

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